Sumatra Kerinci

In honor of our incredible hometown's 150th Birthday, we are bringing in this Limited Edition - Sumatra Kerinci Coffee.  Our little lively town of Lindsborg has some exciting events coming up this year, find out more about what's happening on the Lindsborg's 150th website -

And now - we are very excited to introduce our new Sumatra Kerinci Honey! What makes this particular Sumatran coffee special? Nonconventional processing!

Traditionally, Sumatran coffees are wet-hulled, an extensive process of washing, drying, washing, and drying. These steps lend to a signature earthy flavor, more body, less acidity, and muted sweetness. This coffee breaks tradition by being honey processed, the practice of processing harvested cherries by removing the skin but leaving the mucilage intact before drying. This leaves a much sweeter flavor with a delicate bright acidity.

This Sumatra comes from the Kerinci valley, a fertile land with rich volcanic soil. In the cup, this delicious coffee has a sweet, savory aroma, and juicy acidity. The clean, syrupy body is highlighted with notes of tropical mango and papaya with a zingy ginger finish. It’s truly an intoxicating cup!

Origin: Sumatra

Region: Kerinci Valley

Elevation: 1350 MASL*

Process: Honey

Roast Degree: City+

Tasting Notes:  Juicy tropical fruit and spicy ginger 


Brew. Pour Enjoy!


*Meters Above Sea Level