St. Helena - Sandy Bay Estate

On the 10th February 1733, coffee seeds were brought to the Island of St. Helena, by its then owners The East India Company. The Green Tipped Bourbon Coffee seeds were brought from the coffee port of Mocha in Yemen, on a Company ship the "Houghton" by Captain Philips.
St. Helena coffee is unique, as it is not just a pure Arabica coffee, but a single type of Arabica bean known as Green Tipped Bourbon Arabica.  It is extremely rare and limited in availability.
Green Tipped Bourbon Arabica is a subtle and delicate bean, which requires great care during harvesting, wet processing and roasting, to ensure that all of its wonderful characteristics are preserved for the enjoyment of the true coffee connoisseurs.
With the Island being one of the most remote places on earth, situated on the South Atlantic Ocean, in the path of the Southeast Trade Winds, St. Helena has one of the purest environments in the world.  Without an airport, access to the island is via the Royal Mail Ship St Helena, operated by Curnow Shipping Ltd. at Falmouth, Cornwall, England. The nearest land is Ascension Island, some 1125 Km north west of St Helena, with the closest mainland port being Cape Town, Republic of South Africa, some 2720 Km southeast of the island.
Only natural fertilizers are utilized. Livestock manure is not used as it may contain non-organic substances from concentrated animal feed or veterinary treatments.
The coffee is wet processed using pure spring water descending from the Island's peaks, along the Central Ridge.
St. Helena is fortunate of having a rich supply of guano, the dropping of sea birds, which are collected from small out-crops, of rock along the island coasts and used as a natural fertilizer. The guano being extremely rich is allowed to dry and than applied sparingly at the base of the trees during the early stage of the wet Season.
Being a volcanic island, St Helena's soils are extremely rich and the climate sub-tropical. Combined with organic cultivation techniques and its heirloom single bean origin, St Helena Coffee is a legitimate contender as the finest coffee in the world!
We are absolutely ecstatic to have secured a small lot of St. Helena - Sandy Bay Estate Green Tipped Bourbon.  Since coffee production increased in St. Helena over a decade ago, very little has ever made it to the U.S., so we are fortunate to have some to offer our discriminating customers!  This coffee is considered to be the Crown Jewel of exotic coffees worldwide!

Cup Characteristics

With a delicate, muted aroma featuring cedar, molasses, orange, and pipe tobacco. The cup is sweet, with a  lime-like citrusy quality. Wonderfully balanced with a bittersweet acidity and a mouthfeel that morphs from full-bodied to thin-bodied as it saturates the palate.  It finishes rich and sweet.


Name: Sandy Bay Estate
Origin/Area: St. Helena Island
Variety: Green Tipped Bourbon 
Altitude: 800 m
Process: Fully Washed 
Roast: Medium
Rarity on Scale of 10: 10
Offered in 8oz bags.  
We are roasting and shipping 20 bags of this amazing coffee on September 7th.  We will be roasting St. Helena again in October and December.