Nicaragua Mierisch Estate Pacamara Peaberry

Nicaragua Pacamara Peaberry from the private estate of Mr. Edwin Mierisch in the municipality of Yasica Norte and it is the finest coffee from Matagalpa, Nicaragua. It is grown at an altitude of 1000-1100 meters above sea level and is washed and sun dried.

With an amazing sweet, floral aroma and medium body, it gives the initial flavor of grapefruit and apples, yet morphs into a rich flavor with notes of bakers cocoa, brown sugar, mango and papaya, with some tobacco earthiness as it covers your tongue and saturates the back and roof of your mouth!

The Pacamara Peaberry is grown on the Limoncillo farm, which was given its name from an unusual growth of lemon trees that were originally found there. It is a very large farm at 171 hectares and is heavily forested, providing abundant shade for the coffee.  The waterfall image on the bag label is actually located on this farm! 

Nicaragua Limoncillo - 14oz