Nepal Mt. Everest Supreme

Nepal Mt. Everest Supreme is the northernmost coffee grown in the world.  We are the exclusive importer of this extremely rare coffee into the U.S. so few Americans have ever experienced it. The background story is as amazing as the coffee itself!

This Caturra variety Arabica is grown on the Plantec Coffee Estate, a small plantation in the district of Nuwakot. Located at the foothills of the Ganesh Himal mountain chain, it's grown about 100km from Mt. Everest.  Planted in one of the few regions at this latitude sheltered from frost, the flowing waters of the Trisuli river vivify the area.  

USDA Certified Organic, the plantation owners have gone to extraordinary lengths to use local compost, and sustainable agricultural techniques to create a truly ethical coffee.  The shade grown beans are hand sorted and exclusively sun-dried. 


Laborers are fairly treated with many women employed in a region dominated by male workers.  In fact, the owners of the estate have made it their mission to improve the standard of living amongst the region's women, believing that the net result will be healthier families, and a stronger regional economy.

So how does it taste?

Maybe we're biased, but we believe this is one of the finest coffees in the world!  Some of the comments offered from both professional cuppers and customers who've tasted the coffee in taste tests include:

  • Hints of candied orange, cacoa, and sustained notes of ginger.
  • Delicate floral notes that are almost tea-like and hints of jasmine
  • Virgin Himalayan soils present exquisite flavours
  • Possesses outsanding natural sugars only found in the rarified air of Nepal.  Light clean body with sweet vanilla overtones.  Extremely aromatic.
  • Just enjoying the unique flavors Nepal Mt. Everest Supreme has to offer. We like to try a large variety of coffees and found this one to have something so different about it. Great coffee! 
  • Nepal Mt. Everest Supreme coffee is sublime; a chamber orchestra of aromatic flavors that languish on the palate.


Available in 1lb and 8oz bags

Nepal Mt. Everest Supreme - 8oz Bag