Maui Mokka

Maui Mokka - Ka'anapali Estate - This is the only plantation in the world that is commercially growing this mokka variety bean. To find it anywhere else, would require a serious hike to find it in the wild!
This variety is said to be over 1,000 years old due to its’ origination in Ethiopia grown in what is now Yemen. It has been reported that Moka trees are growing at 10,000 ft. elevation in Yemen. 

Due to their small, roundish beans, Maui Mokka is often mistaken as a small peaberry.  There are 8100 beans in a pound of Maui Mokka compared to an average arabica's 3000 beans/pound, so "small" is the operative word. However, Maui Mokka defies the assumption that "the larger the bean, the better the cup."  

Described as the "champagne" of coffee, Maui Mokka's flavor profile is noted for being intensely sweet, with a citrusy acidity and light body. Combined with its subtle, flowery aroma and wine-like quality, the comparison to Dom Perignon is certainly merited. The cup is smooth and wonderfully fused with different chocolate flavors and often times with good acidity.

Maui Mokka is a delicious and unique, exotic coffee.  It is very hard to harvest by hand and is extremely low yielding.  Limited availability - Get yours while you can!