Kona Isla Mauka Natural

Kona Sweet Mauka is one of the finest of all Kona coffees.  It is custom grown and selectively hand-picked for us and one of the only naturally processed authentic Kona coffees which results in it’s magnificent flavor. 
Kona Sweet Mauka -  Is the finest 100% Kona coffee grown in the Kona coffee growing region, a small area on the windward side of the big island of Hawaii - essentially, the western slopes of the Mauna Loa volcano. In Hawaiian, 'Mauka' means “toward the mountain” and at 1800-2000 feet, this is one of the highest altitude Kona coffees grown. 

The microclimate at this altitude helps amplify the rich, fruity and chocolaty notes that are so discernable. Known to be ultra-premium, fine coffees, genuine Kona coffees are very limited and must be certified by the State of Hawaii to be called “Kona” coffee. 

Nearly all Kona coffees are “washed”, wherein the fruit of the coffee cherry is removed using the water-process, resulting in their famous delicious, smooth, mild taste.  

Our Kona Sweet Mauka is custom grown for us by Isla Custom Coffees and is among the finest, rarest of all Konas for a couple reasons:  Namely, it is grown at some of the highest altitudes on Kona, the cherries are selectively sorted for processing using the natural method.  This means the fruit remains attached to the beans throughout the drying process in mechanical rotary driers to provide uniform drying and prevent molding or defects in cup quality.  The resulting cup quality is phenomenal in its panoply of bright fruit flavors, layered with a clean, yet creamy chocolatiness. 

So how does it taste?

Kona Sweet Mauka is the finest Kona coffee we’ve ever tasted!  It is more dynamic, complex and full bodied than nearly all Kona coffees, owing to the natural processing that amplifies the fruit flavors extracted from the cherry to the bean during drying.  
Fragrance/Aroma - Complex floral notes with pineapple, strawberry and a hint of milk chocolate
Body/Aftertaste - Silky mouthfeel with long, clean finish
Sweetness/Acidity - A bright and crisp acidity of lemons and citrus fruits coupled with a clean fruity sweetness of berry, strawberry, red grape, gives this coffee a unique and lingering cup quality of ripe grapes.
Balance - All elements complement each other well to produce an extremely well balanced coffee. Accentuated fruity sweetness combined with milk chocolate, results in a delectably clean and perfectly balanced cup!

Origin Details

Variety: Kona Typica derived from Guatemala Typica Ararbica
Processing: Natural (Sun Dried) and finished using Mechanical Rotary Driers to ensure perfect moisture content
Altitude: 1800 - 2000 feet
Degree of Roast: Medium
Aroma: Complex floral notes with pineapple, strawberry and a hint of milk chocolate
Body:  Silky mouthfeel with long, clean finish
Acidity: Bright and crisp
Flavor:  Accentuated sweetness of berry, strawberry, red grape, milk chocolate, yet a clean and complex cup make it superb!
Rarity on Scale of 10:  9.75