Kansas 1861 Blend

In honor of the great state of Kansas, we are pleased to announce this great blend....!! 

We call it the Kansas 1861 Blend 

Like the bold, rich history of Kansas the 1861 blend has a bold, rich flavor of historical proportions!

Punctuated by notes reminiscent of Elderberry, Sandhill Plum and Red Wine Grapes, the 1861 blend takes you on a journey to the day when Kansas was 'discovered' by Franciso de Coronado who noted the fertile soil and a pristine land with river valleys filled with succulent fruits as well as the pre-prohibition era when Kansas was the largest wine producer in the United States.

Like the spicy characters of the Old West, the 1861 blend possesses some subtle spice notes that add complexity to the flavor.

A hint of chocolate rounds out the profile to celebrate the fact that on January 29, 1861 Kansas entered the United States as a free state so that no man, woman or child would be held in bondage because of the color of their skin!   Like the four Constitutions that were drafted before the Wyandotte Constitution was ratified, the 1861 Blend has four bean varieties sourced from microlot coffees sourced from select farms in Central America, Asia and Africa.

The Kansas 1861 Blend is a delicious reminder of all that is great about Kansas!  Try and see for yourself!

Kansas 1861 Blend - 12oz