Jamaican Blue Mountain - Clifton Mount Estate


Limited Availability of Jamaica's finest coffee!  


The Clifton Mount Estate is the oldest coffee plantation in the Jamaica Blue Mountains and one of Jamaica's only true Single-Estate coffees.  Most JBM coffee is a blend of various growers beans.  However, the Clifton Mount Estate, which has been continuously producing since the mid-1700's and is the oldest functioning coffee estate in Jamaica, is so meticulous in the way they are growing, harvesting and processing their exquisite coffee, that it is recognized in Europe and Japan as producing the very finest of all Jamaican Blue Mountain coffees.  


(Renowned English painter and author, Marianne North, painted Clifton Mount Estate when she visited Jamaica in 1872.)


Clifton Mount Estate Blue Mountain coffee is about as perfectly balanced as a coffee can be.  It's noted for possessing a creamy, sweet aftertaste with hints of chocolate and floral undertones that perfectly complete its rich, medium-bodied, rounded profile.  If you've experienced other JBM's you need to try Clifton Mount Estate.  If you've never had a "real" Blue Mountain coffee before, you're in for a real treat!  

Aromatically, the Clifton Mount coffee emanates chocolate and floral rotes that captivate the senses. It's a bit fuller bodied than the Mavis Bank JBM, which we roast on occasion.  The perfect balance is the thing that most drinkers will notice most.  Even cream and sugar drinkers enjoy this coffee black!

Clifton Mount Estate is located deep in Jamaica's Blue Mountains on the tranquilly cool and mist covered slopes of Catherine's Peak.  


The Sharp famliy, who own Clifton Mount, have invested in modern processing equipment to optimally wet process their valuable crop.  The end result is the finest Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee currently grown!  Get yours today while supplies last!


Available in 1lb or 8oz bags.


Also, you'll notice the offering is for whole bean only.  If you would like us to grind it for you, please contact us after you place your order to let us know how you would like it ground - or what kind of brewer you will be using.  


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