Hario Fretta V60 Iced Coffee Maker-VIC-7

The Hario V60 Iced Coffee Maker 'Fretta' uses the pour-over drip brewing method to make 600ml of delicious iced coffee in less than 4 minutes!  It is about the simplest iced coffee maker you can imagine. 

After filling the diffuser with ice, and inserting into the carafe, you place your ground coffee in the filter cone filter and pour hot water over the grounds.  Yes, you read correctly.....I said "hot".  

The diffuser lets the dripping coffee cool slightly before contacting the ice below, which results in much less melting than if you had just poured hot coffee over ice.  You can control how strong or weak your brew is by how much water and/or coffee grounds you used.  You can brew a surprisingly strong iced brew in the amount of time it takes to pour over 2 dripperfuls of hot water.  

Product Details

  • The Fretta's unique design combines a 02 size dripper cone similar to the Hario V60, along with a 600ml glass carafe.
  • Like the V60, the curved ridges on the inside of the cone help to control of water flow as it interacts with coffee grounds, resulting in optimal extraction during the brewing process.
  • The plastic diffuser allows for quicker cooling and a more balanced flow of coffee over the ice, resulting in less melting.
  • Parts included: glass carafe, plastic ice funnel insert, plastic drip diffuser, drip cone (and a snap-in carafe lid), 10 sample Hario paper filters. 
  • Shipping Weight: 2.5 pounds