Guatemala Antigua Bella Carmona

Bella Carmona comes from Hacienda Carmona in one of Guatemala’s most beautiful and captivating valleys, Antigua. This region’s rich volcanic soil and cool weather provide the perfect conditions to produce one of the world’s best coffees. 

Bella Carmona is a blend of peak of the harvest cherries that come from the best estate in Antigua to be then processed at Beneficio Bella Vista, owned by the Zelaya family. The Zelaya family has been producing coffee since the 19th century and their experience really shows in every cup. This mill uses traditional washing using  fresh spring water from the surrounding volcanic mountains  and sun-drying to process this exquisite coffee.

Bella Carmona has strong chocolate notes, a bright and fine acidity with orange and lemon notes. It offers an exquisite roundness and pleasant mouthfeel, which can satisfy the most demanding palates. We roast it to a medium/dark degree when the oils are just beginning to surface on the bean.


Grade: Fancy
Region: Antigua
Growing Altitude: 5200 - 6100 feet
Arabica Variety: Caturra, Bourbon, Typica
Milling Process: Washed, Sun-dried
Aroma: Very Rich
Flavor: Chocolate, Caramel, Orange
Body: Full
Acidity: Bright, Citric