Ethiopia Nekisse N2

One of the finest coffees grown anywhere in the world last year was this sensational Ethiopian coffee grown in the Shakisso region of southern Ethiopia.

It could be called a "designer" coffee because it was intentionally grown on a farm at 5,900 ft as mixed heirloom arabica varietals to create it's unique flavor profile. One of the many distinguishing aspects of this coffee that accentuates the profound fruit and berry qualities it possesses is its method of preparation. The Nekisse has been naturally processed without any water. The coffee cherry is dried in the sun on elevated tables and the coffee seeds are extracted after the cherry has dried. 
It was meticulously milled in Addis Adeba before being carefully packaged in GrainPro bags prior to shipping to us here in the U.S. 
Reflections from within the Specialty Coffee industry about Ethiopia Nekisse: 
"Obvious floral notes with soft blueberry. Musk, citrus, a rich structure and cocoa as it cools. The most impressive element to this coffee is it's impeccable balance, cleanliness and mouthfeel." 
"A winner for both filter and espresso styles." 
 "Big, juicy, brandy-toned fruit and floral tones in aroma and cup. Rich acidity, lightly syrupy mouthfeel. Long, sustained flavors of strawberry, tangerine and brandyish apricot show great stability as the cup cools and carry deeply into the finish, decisively outlasting a slight salty hint." 
"Extraordinary dried-in-the-fruit profile. Lushly fruit-toned and brandyish, yet crisp with savory wood notes. Blueberry, cherry, brandy-nuanced dark chocolate, aromatic wood, night flowers in aroma and cup, carrying into the finish. A slight hint of salt in the finish as well, but the fruit-and-brandy sweetness rings on." 
"Lovers of extreme light roasts and lush fruit character." 
"Strawberry, citrus, bergamot, and so very clean. Floral spicy qualities of bee balm and lily. The full gamut of citrus from lime zest and grapefruit to orange bitters, Meyer lemon and blood orange. With deep peanut and a mallow backbone on the finish." "This is it. The premier coffee to come out of Ethiopia......" 
"For those willing to spend nearly forty dollars for twelve ounces of coffee, an opportunity to experience a coffee both lush and magisterial, an almost perfect example of the tricky-to-produce dried-in-the-fruit style of Ethiopia." 


Location: Skakisso, Aleta Wondo, Sidama 
Elevation: 5900 feet
Varietal: Mixed Heirloom 
Flavor Notes: Strawberry, peaches, thick, creamy, jammy, passion fruit finish
Background Originally named as “Nectar from Shakisso” in 2009, the Nekisse profile is defined by creamy mouthfeel and heavy berry jam flavor, but layers of citrus and many tropical fruits can be present in some selections. Originally from Shakisso, subsequent Nekisse coffees have been developed in Wellega and Sidama.
Rarity on Scale of 10:9.0