Chocolate Mintcicle

Oh the joys of winter!  

....Cold, numbing wind in your face.

....Scraping the ice off of your windshield when you're already running late.

....Spending an hour shovelling your driveway, only to have a snowplow push 2 feet of snow on your sidewalk - right as you're getting in your car to leave.

Great times!  


But nothing takes away the wintertime blues like a good dose of chocolate and mint and coffee!  That's we created Chocolate Mintcicle Coffee.  It provides a rich and refreshing taste experience that will make you forget it's 10 degrees below zero outside!


If you're one of those people who delights in subzero temps just because it gives you a reason to drink Peppermint Mochas by the gallon, then you'll love our Chocolate Mintcicle coffee.  Serve it black, or with steamed milk and a spoonful of sugar to replicate the peppermint mocha experience.  Ummm!  I love winter!


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