Australia Mountain Top Estate - Bundja Espresso - Extra Fancy


Australia Mountain Top Estate's Bundja Extra Fancy is the finest single-origin espresso grown in Australia and possibly the entire world.  It has taken several of the world's finest baristas to the finals of the World Barista Championships, and for good reason!
We've been thrilled with the testimonials of our customers who have loved Mountain Top's Bin 478, as a drip coffee, and believe our customers who enjoy single-origin espressos will be ecstatic!
Australia Mountain Top Estate Coffee is grown in the fertile foothills of Mt. Warning near Australia’s east coast. This is the first spot on the mainland to receive morning sunlight.  Coffee growing here benefits from a unique micro-climate of high altitude and deep, rich volcanic soils. 
Due to slow rising morning mists and long gentle winters that allow for slow ripening and complex flavor development of the beans over a period lasting 11 months, the coffees develop very distinctive and rich flavors. Such growing conditions, combined with leading edge production and creative farm management practices that compare with Australia’s world-class wineries, it's no wonder Mountain Top Estate Coffees are so wonderful!  
The Northern New South Wales growing region is located almost 1000 miles south of the Tropic of Capricorn, making this the southernmost coffee grown in the world!  Because Australia lacks many of the pests and diseases prevalent in other parts of the world, their coffees benefit greatly.

Mountain Top Estate farms follow a sustainable approach to farming and all farmers employ advanced agronomic management strategies and do not use ANY pesticides, fungicides or fumigants in the production of their 100% Australian grown coffee.


About Australia Bundja Extra Fancy

The Bundja Brand represents the highest of quality in Australian specialty coffees, with meticulous care through the production process, using the exclusive new “Double Pass” process - where late ripened and raisin fruit are passed through an innovative new washing process.

The Extra Fancy grade is a mill grade representing 18/19 screen sized lots from their Bundja product. These are the largest beans of the lot.

This coffee has a very distinctive sweetness with chocolate aroma and well balanced acidity; it is an ideal espresso coffee, but with the versatility to be suitable for filter applications.

The coffee has been selected from batches of late ripened fruit which exhibit sweetness as their primary characteristic; they've achieved a delicate balance of sweetness against faint acidity, with a soft and creamy style body.

The aroma has enticing chocolate hues typical of the region, and also exhibit floral and sweet fruity notes.

The flavor is predominantly fruity sweetness, with the chocolate aroma carrying through the cup, with hints of spice, orange and lime.

The coffee is a unique Single Origin Espresso, the southern latitude and unique terrain of the growing region provides a depth of character to the coffee, while the late harvest and Double Pass process provide sweetness and depth of flavor as an espresso.  This is truly one of the most unique single origin coffees in the world! We are honored to be the exclusive importer of Mountain Top Estate coffees here in the United States!


Origin: Australia
Region: New South Wales
Farm: Mountain Top Estate
Varietal: K7
Altitude: 3700 feet
Roast: Full City + (Light French)
Rarity on Scale of 10: 9.5