Wholesale Account Information

Grocery Stores, Coffee Shops and other Specialty Retailers and Food Distributors are finding that Blacksmith Coffee is a great item to offer to their customers!

Minimum Orders
All initial orders are sent prepaid via check, Visa or Mastercard. We require a three-case minimum purchase on all initial wholesale orders. Blacksmith Coffee Roastery only requires a one-case minimum on reorders.

Delivery & Shipping
We offer free weekly delivery for our wholesale customers located in Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas Panhandle, New Mexico and Colorado. For our customers in other states/countries, please contact us for a customized shipping profile. Blacksmith Coffee Roastery’s normal ship time is 1-2 business days!

Custom Branding and Packaging Opportunities

Blacksmith Coffee Roastery is one of the newest, artisan micro-roasters in the Midwest. We offer custom roasting and custom branded coffees for your specific needs. Whether you own a restaurant, inn or coffee shop seeking to offer your own product line, or you would like to add branded coffees to your existing product or food line, Blacksmith Coffee Roastery can help you.

Kansas State University wrote a great article on our wholesale opportunity to rural grocery stores. To see it, click here.

If you are interested in offering central Kansas’ favorite coffee to your customers please call us at 1-800-576-5280 or take a minute to complete the following info request form: