How to Justify Spending $100 on a Pound of Coffee

Exotic coffees can be very expensive.  As the leading purveyor in rare and exotic coffees in the United States, we want to assure you that we have everything priced comparably or below what the same coffees are selling for in London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, and Taipei.  

The reality is that these are the best coffees on Earth and demand for them far exceeds supply.  This allows growers to receive a premium price from roasters around the world.  

Bottle of water more expensive than exotic coffeeBut here's the good news, you probably paid more for a bottle of water in the last year than you would pay for a $100/lb bag of coffee.

Here's why.....
Depending on your personal brewing methods, you are going to extract between 30 and 50 cups of coffee from 1 pound of coffee beans.  Using simple math skills, that means your $100/lb bag of mind-blowing coffee breaks down to between $2 and $3.33 per cup.  

I paid $3.00 for a bottle of water at the football game last weekend.  

When you take this to the next level and consider the cost of fine wine at $10 to $20 a glass (or more), it's easy to see that $100 for a pound of the rarest, most wonderful coffees isn't so bad after all!  ;-)  

The good news is, most of the our Distinctive Collection aren't that expensive, and our most expensive coffees are packaged in 8oz bags, which makes it easier on the pocketbook.