Sumatra Aceh - Gayo Highlands

This one goes out to our dark roast lovers! 

Our new Sumatra Aceh comes to us from our friends Craig and Susan Owens of Santiang Exports. They work closely with small-lot farmers to make improvements in drying, sorting, and process control. This particular coffee has gone through an extra round of hand-sorting at the dry mill to minimize defects and reduce “earthy” cupping notes to enhance the clarity of the cup.

While it has the typical characteristics of a dark roast, its notes of clove, juicy mango and papaya, and a pleasant spicy pepper finish offer the perfect balance of bold body and delicious sweetness!

Origin: Sumatra 

Region: Gayo Highlands of the Central Aceh Regency

Elevation: 1,500 MASL*

Process: Wet-Hulled

Roast Degree: Full City+

Tasting Notes: Clove, Mango, White Pepper, and Papaya


Brew. Pour. Enjoy!


*Meters Above Sea Level