Nicaragua Santa Maria de Lourdes


 We are excited to be offering a coffee from the Peralta Family Farms in Nicaragua!  They have an excellent history of high-quality specialty coffees and transparency in their business model.  

Here is the Peralta Family Mission - "Build an effective origin supply chain of high-quality specialty coffees based on collaboration, traceability, and transparency rather than the traditional trade model of "buying low and selling high". Because of our farmer background. We base our daily work believing that first step towards sustainability is allowing farmers to participate in the trade process as close as possible to the point of export. We envision our company as a service collaborator for processing, quality control, and export services as well as advising farmers on new market trends, and encouraging farmers to engage directly with their buyers."

Here is some information on the Peralta Santa Maria de Lourdes farm - 

"The view you get from the top of Santa Maria de Lourdes is spectacular. All throughout the farm you will find small streams of water, separating the farm plots. From the Peralta familiy farms Santa Maria is always the last one to finish harvesting all its coffee, starting in January and going on all the way up until April. This is because at 1300 to 1550 mts, Santa Maria de Lourdes is the highest of all the Peralta farms.

This higher altitude creates lower temperatures, especially at night, that make the cherries ripe more slowly to create more complexity. This just one of the reasons Santa Maria de Lourdes was awarded ‘Cup of Excellence’ several years in a row." 

Producers: Octavio Peralta

Location: San Fernando, Nueva Segovia

Altitude: 1300-1550 MASL*

Process: Washed

Roast Degree: Full City

Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate, Creamy Mouthfeel and Hints of Cantaloupe



*Meters Above Sea Level

Nicaragua SMDL - 12oz. Bag