Kansas 1861 Blend

Like the bold, rich history of Kansas the 1861 blend has a bold, rich flavor of historical proportions!

Punctuated by notes reminiscent of Elderberry and Sandhill, the 1861 blend takes you on a journey to the day when Kansas was 'discovered' by Franciso de Coronado who noted the fertile soil.

A hint of chocolate rounds out the profile to celebrate the fact that on January 29, 1861 Kansas entered the United States as a free state so that no man, woman or child would be held in bondage because of the color of their skin!  

The Kansas 1861 Blend is a delicious reminder of all that is great about Kansas! 

Origin: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Sumatra

Process: Washed, Honey

Roast Degree: City and Vienna

Tasting Notes: Elderberry, Sandhill Plum, Milk Chocolate


Brew. Pour. Enjoy!

Kansas 1861 Blend - 12oz