Guatemala Antigua Half Caff


For those who demand a premium coffee, but don't want all of the caffeine...

Our Guatemala Antigua has been one of our most popular coffees ever since we opened our doors.  It's noted for its rich body, natural chocolatiness and just being a great classic high grown Central American coffee.

However, we've had many requests for a half-caff over the years and finally decided to oblige.  The Antigua is the ideal coffee to offer in a half-caff version and we believe it will quickly find a following.

Antigua is Guatemala’s most prominent growing region and is noted for its rich, volcanic soil and high altitude which creates the coffee's delicious, distinctive profile.

We roast this to a Vienna roast, when the oils are just barely beginning to surface on the beans, so it's dark enough to bring out the coffee's deep flavor, but not too dark to make it smoky.