Anvil & Hammer Espresso Blend

For the traditional blacksmith, there was nothing more valuable to him than his tools; they were the essence of his craft, and backbone of his business. Of the tools at his disposal, a smithy’s anvil and hammer were of the highest importance. Both implements required tremendous skill and sophisticated knowledge of the proper care. With every thunderous clang of the hammer meeting the face of the anvil, one could almost sense the blacksmith’s pride that he took in his craft.

At Blacksmith Coffee, we too take a tremendous about of pride in our craft; it is our passion to enhance your experience by giving you the best coffee, meticulously roasted to perfection. This is why we are stoked to introduce the Anvil and Hammer Espresso Blend! The A+H is a perfect blend of naturally processed coffees, meaning the coffee beans are dried within the flesh of the cherry. This method of processing lends to an intense fruity sweetness that is reminiscent of a wild berry medley, cocoa, lemongrass, and red licorice. 

 Whether pulled as an espresso shot or brewed as pour over, the Anvil and Hammer Blend produces a smooth, well-balanced cup for an enhanced coffee drinking experience.

Origin: Brazil, Ethiopia

Process: Natural

Roast Degree: City

Tasting Notes: Liquorice, Lemongrass, Wildberry Tea, Sweet Cocoa


Brew. Pour. Enjoy!

Anvil & Hammer Espresso Blend - 12oz.