New Limited Edition Coffees

We are proud to introduce the Costa Rica El Greco and the Nicaragua Santa Maria De Lourdes to you!

Costa Rica El Greco has been produced by the Oviedo family in Grecia, Costa Rica for over 50 years. El Greco is one of 5 independent farms that make up the Farmer’s Project, a farming initiative which works directly with roasters in the US to ensure fair prices and support the family farms of Costa Rica. 

This honey-processed coffee is cultivated in the foothills of the Poas Volcano, 1300 MASL*, by Rodrigo Oviedo, a third-generation coffee farmer. The quality processing and relatively low elevation of this coffee ensure a full-bodied, evenly distributed flavor when brewed. 

In the cup, Costa Rica El Greco initially exhibits a sweet, light honey flavor, then reveals deeper notes of red wine tannins and a rich dark chocolate finish. 

Nicaragua Santa Maria De Lourdes comes to us from Peralta Heritage Coffees, a family-based operation focusing on collaboration, traceability and transparency rather than the traditional trade model of “buying low and selling high”. 

Santa Maria De Lourdes is grown on the Dipilto/Jalapa mountain range, 1400 MASL*. Though the Nicaragua countryside doesn’t have high altitudes, the unique microclimates of the mountains make each farm’s product different and special. After harvest, the De Lourdes goes through a washed process, ensuring a clean but complex coffee. 

In the cup, the Santa Maria De Lourdes showcases a smooth, creamy mouthfeel and a distinct milk chocolate flavor, followed by a hint of cantaloupe and a bright but lingering finish. 


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