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Raising money for a small business can be extremely challenging anytime, but this current economic climate, it's very tough.  Social lending sites like are an option for borrowers who may not be able to get a traditional bank loan.  For artists and visionaries, another option is Kickstarter.  

Right up the road in Salina, a really cool new bookstore/coffeeshop called Ad Astra Books & Coffee House opened this past November and they've created a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the next phase of their plan.  

Here's a video they put together:

More about Ad Astra Books and Coffeehouse:

We are a worker-owned cooperative.

This means that: 1) We are the staff.  2) Once there are profits, they will be split equally between members, with a large percentage going directly into store improvements and new programming. 3) The health of Ad Astra is not dependent on one or two people. Our cooperative is designed to grow and change as old members move on and new members come in. If we can make it through our first year, we should last for decades after. 4) No one is in it for the money. At best we hope to make a living wage and to build something of lasting importance for our community. 5) Our highest priority is the cultural vibrancy of Kansas. Your support will allow us to complete our vision to become one of the best bookstores and coffee houses in Kansas.

Your donation will be used to purchase lighting and sound equipment for speakers, live music, and other events, create a state-wide marketing program to let everyone know we exist, to establish a magazine and newspaper inventory, and purchase other odds and ends we might need to get us through our first year in business.

We are artists, activists, writers, musicians and artisans. We believe that independent bookstores are a human right and serve coffee made from beans roasted to perfection just days before, which is not a human right but a luxury we support.

Despite the fact that Ad Astra is serving Blacksmith Coffee, essentially becoming our sole outlet in Salina, we are very excited to support their Kickstarter endeavor.  The vibe they have created in their neat location at 141 N. Santa Fe in Salina is really funky and authentic.  It feels like a 1970's vintage cafe in Boulder or San Franciso.

Whether you can donate a couple bucks, or even more, they will really appreciate your contribution!  Not only for the sake of their business, but for the venue it creates for creative types throughout the region.

You can visit their webpage at:

or on Facebook at:

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