Introducing Costa Rica Tarrazu El Conquistador

From the Coopedota coffee cooperative, Costa Rica El Conquistador comes from the valley of the Dota sub-region of Tarrazú. 

700 or so cooperating families surrounding the remote town of Santa Maria de Dota use great care to grow their special coffee in the bowl shaped valley they farm.

Growing at altitudes between 5000-6000 feet, the beans are fairly small, and very dense, resulting in its heavy body and rich flavor noted for possessing wine-like acidity and a spicy, dark-chocolate fruit finish.

In fact, this coffee is prized in Europe and, for many years, has primarily shipped to a single roaster in Germany.  Thankfully, we were able to get some here in Little Sweden!

Though grown in Tarrazú, El Conquistador is very different from other Costa Rican coffees. This can be attributed to Dota's unique soils, high altitudes and the extreme care in cultivation by the cooperative members who grow it.  

As previously stated, it is markedly different from other Costa Ricans.  Most obvious is the fact that it is does not have a pronounced nutty profile common to other Tarrazú coffees.

Its velvety body, clean cup and magnificently deep flavor makes it a standout among strictly hard bean grade Central American coffees.

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