The Ultimate Cyber Monday Exotic Coffee Sampler Pack


Ultimate Cyber Monday Exotic Coffee 4/pack

Introducing the Ultimate Exotic Coffee Sampler Pack
The Ultimate Exotic Coffee Sampler Pack is one 8oz bag each of four of the finest exotic coffees grown in the world.  When we say exotic, we mean, not available anywhere the world!

The regular price on these coffees would be $72, so for $50, this is the coffee deal of the year!  Here's what you get....
  • Nepal Mt. Everest Supreme - This is the northernmost coffee grown in the world and certainly one of the finest.  We have offered this before to our fine customers and the feedback has been amazing.  Everyone has been asking, "When can we get more Mt. Everest Supreme?"  Well, here you go! To learn more about Nepal Mt. Everest Supreme click here
  • Australia Mtn. Top Estate Bin 478 - This is the southernmost coffee grown in the world.  When we offered this a couple months ago, the initial frenzy to buy more was immediate.  Bin 478 is arguably the finest coffee grown in Australia, and definitely is a must have for exotic coffee enthusiasts.  To learn more about Australia Mtn. Top Estate Bin 478 click here
  • Maui Mokka - Kanaapali Estate - This is the only plantation in the world that is commercially growing this mokka variety bean. To find it anywhere else, would require a serious hike into the heart of Africa to find it in the wild. Due to their small, roundish beans, Maui Mokka is often mistaken as a small peaberry.  There are 8100 beans in a pound of Maui Mokka compared to an average arabica's 3000 beans/pound, so "small" is the operative word. However, Maui Mokka defies the assumption that "the larger the bean, the better the cup."  Described as the "champagne" of coffee, Maui Mokka's flavor profile is noted for being intensely sweet, with a citrusy acidity and light body. Combined with its subtle, flowery aroma and wine-like quality, the comparison to Dom Perignon is certainly merited.  This is the first time we've ever offered Maui Mokka and supplies are limited.  We are offering it as part of the Ultimate Exotic Coffee Pack before offering it separately. 
  • Jamaica Blue Mountain - Clifton Mount Estate - The Clifton Mount Estate is the oldest coffee plantation in the Jamaica Blue Mountains and one of Jamaica's only true Single-Estate coffees.  Most JBM coffee is a blend of various growers beans.  However, the Clifton Mount Estate, which has been continuously producing since 1750, is so meticulous in the way they are growing, harvesting and processing their exquisite coffee, that it is recognized in Europe and Japan as being the very best Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee.  Clifton Mount is the oldest functioning coffee estate in Jamaica and is recognized as producing the finest quality world renowned Blue Mountain Coffee. Clifton Mount Estate Blue Mountain coffee is about as perfectly balanced as a coffee can be.  It's noted for possessing a creamy, sweet aftertaste with hints of chocolate and floral undertones that perfectly complete its rich, medium-bodied, rounded profile.  If you've experienced other JBM's you need to try Clifton Mount Estate.  If you've never had a "real" Blue Mountain coffee before, you're in for a real treat!  Supplies are very limited.  We are offering it as part of this sampler before offering it separately next week.  Buyers of the Utlimate Exotic Coffee Sampler Pack will be among the first Americans to ever experience Clifton Mount Estate Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee!
How the Deal Works
  • No minimums
  • Limited Quantities Available - When they're sold out, they're sold out!
  • We will ship on our before December 14th, so purchasers will receive coffee by December 20
  • All coffees are whole bean.  If you need anything ground, please add a note when you checkout
  • In addition to these coffees, we will be offering a couple other Distinctive Collection coffees before December 14th.  We will combine shipping with this purchase in the event that you buy from those offerings before December 14.  More information will be provided as those coffees are offered.
  • For customers who whould like to pick up their order, a local pickup option is also available.
Offer expires at 11:59pm on Cyber Monday (11/28) night.

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