Just Call Us Greensmith Coffee

If you've been downtown lately, you've noticed a lot of construction work going on around the blacksmith shop.  Last week we had to rearrange the roast schedule to allow the removal of the old roof. With old coffee bags covering everything in the shop to protect it from falling debris, we were amazed to see blue sky through the ceiling as workers removed the old metal roof on the building!  Even more amazing was when we heard a loud crack and looked up to see a leg coming through the roof!  Fortunately the rest of the body attached to the leg didn't follow!  

In any case, the leg belonged to one of several construction workers who replaced the roof and proceed to affix solar panels to it.  Thus making the Holmberg & Johnson Blacksmith and Wagonshop a truly green building, and allowing Blacksmith Coffee Roastery to source over 70% of the electrical energy we need from the sun!  

We're about 99.9% sure that we occupy the only solar powered blacksmith shop in the country.  It's amazing how far solar technology has come since the 1970's when panels were HUGE.  The panels on the new metal roof actually fit between the metal joints.  Unless you know a lot about the solar industry, it would be easy to walk by and never even notice there are any solar panels there!

As we have focused extensively on non-electric, off-the-grid coffee brewing products and techniques, going solar is a logical conclusion. We are very thankful to Cedar Sentinel Rock, LLC, who owns the building, for investing in these green building initiatives that we will benefit from!  

Minimizing our carbon footprint in the process of roasting Blacksmith Coffee means that you, as the consumer, are helping both the environment and the economy by helping us reduce our load on the grid.  The cool thing is, when were aren't using energy ourselves, whatever solar energy is harvested will go back onto the grid.

You could say Blacksmith Coffee is green but that could get confusing as raw unroasted coffee is referred to as being "green" coffee.  To avoid a "who's on first" moment, we'll just say that Blacksmith Coffee is always green, even when it's roasted!

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