Announcing....Congo Kivu Bourbon

Often compared to the finest coffees of Kenya, the Democratic Republic of the Congo - formerly known as Zaire, has a rich coffee growing tradition. Unfortunately, war and strife has plagued the nation for many years and consequently, coffee production has fallen dramatically. The very fact that it is available is an encouraging sign that the people in this struggling nation are rebuilding.

We are pleased to offer Congo Kivu Bourbon.  This wonderful bourbon variety coffee from the Congo that will truly awaken the senses! It grows around Lake Kivu at an altitude about one mile above sea level. 


We roast it to a full city roast, and the resulting aroma is almost intoxicating! You'll notice the smell of berries and cocoa and even vanilla! The cup is quite bright, a bit winy in fact, yet the earthy, cocoa flavor that develops gives it a very full body. But the finish is pretty sweet in a molasses sort of way and there's a hint of macadamia nut present too.

There is a LOT going on in this coffee! Complex is almost an understatement. This coffee has some wild characteristics and won't appeal to everyone, but to those who like bright African coffees it's remarkable rich body is sure to be a winner!

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