Introducing Australia Mountain Top Estate Bin 478


Australia Mountain Top Estate's Bin 478 is the finest estate coffee grown in Australia and comes from the nation's leading coffee plantation & processor.  
We are thrilled that we were able to get a hold of some of this fine coffee from Bin 478 and are really excited to offer it!  Knowing that Mountain Top Estate coffees have been used by World Barista Champions, and are known globally to be superb espressos and coffees, we can't wait to find out how much our Distinctive Collection enthusiasts will enjoy this!  
Australia Mountain Top Estate Coffee is grown in the fertile foothills of Mt. Warning near Australia’s east coast. This is the first spot on the mainland to receive morning sunlight. Coffee growing here benefits from a unique micro-climate of high altitude and deep, rich volcanic soils. 
Due to slow rising morning mists and long gentle winters that allow for slow ripening and complex flavor development of the beans over a period lasting 11 months, the coffees develop very distinctive and rich flavors. Such growing conditions, combined with leading edge production and creative farm management practices that compare with Australia’s world-class wineries, it's no wonder Mountain Top Estate Coffees are so wonderful!  
The Northern New South Wales growing region is located almost 1000 miles south of the Tropic of Capricorn, making this the southernmost coffee grown in the world!  Because Australia lacks many of the pests and diseases prevalent in other parts of the world, their coffees benefit greatly.

Mountain Top Estate farms follow a sustainable approach to farming and all farmers employ advanced agronomic management strategies and do not use ANY pesticides, fungicides or fumigants in the production of their 100% Australian grown coffee.

"Bin Lots" from Mountain Top Estate are Australia's most distinctive coffees - these small, exclusive Bin Lots are not only the best individual batches of coffee from any given season; they are some of the most distinctive coffees that Australia produces.

About Mountain Top Estate - Bin 478

Derived from a semi-washed process, this is a delicate, yet bright and well-balanced style of coffee with soft acidity, mellow sweetness and an even body.  It is a Fancy grade coffee, with zero primary defects, meaning it is very, very high-quality coffee.  We roast this to a City + roast so it's a rich medium roast, but this degree preserves the many subtle fruity flavors and floral aromas that would otherwise be roasted out at a darker roast. 

What does Semi-Washed Process Mean?

It simply means that this is a coffee processed from the pinkish to red-colored cherry fruit only. The cherry is pulped and washed through a mechanical demuscilager machine, similar to the semi-washed and washed coffees from Central and South America. It generally has a clean cup, with sweetness and acidity the predominate characteristics.

How Does it Taste?

As it is with all coffees, the flavors experienced in the cup are greatly effected by how the coffee cherries are harvested.  In the case of Bin 478, it was harvested in the first pass of the season.  The cherries were sourced from a very small load of red and purple cherries and benefited from a meticulous wet process. The purple colored cherries add to the sweetness of the cup, and the prime red cherries add to the complexity in flavor from acidity to sweetness. 
This coffee shows a deep complex fragrance of blueberry and cherry, with notes of apricot, lemon and lime.  The intriguing but soft body offers a buttery mouth feel that leaves the palate feeling smooth. The aftertaste is long, and sweet, highlighted by clean fruity flavors of blueberries and cherries.
A complex acidity of lemons and citrus fruits coupled with a clean fruity sweetness, gives this coffee a unique and lingering cup quality of ripe grapes.
Finally all elements complement each other very well to produce an extremely well balanced coffee!

We have a limited quantity of Bin 478 and we'll be roasting it in small batches until we run out. Don't miss the chance to try this wonderful exotic coffee from Down Under!

If you are interested in getting your hands on some of Bin 478 from Mountain Top Estate,  click HERE or go to:

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