Great Brewers of the World - Clever Coffee Dripper

A worthy submission onto the list of great brewers of the world.  The Clever Coffee Dripper is the newest addition to our catalog of fine pourover drippers.

Clever Coffee DripperHere's how it works.

The design of this brewer is simple enough, you have a cone-shaped vessel in which coffee (or tea) can be brewed. At the bottom of the vessel there is a valve attached to a platform. 

When the platform is down, the valve is closed, when it is pushed up (by placing the brewer on top of a cup), the valve opens, allowing the brew to exit at the bottom.

Basically the valve stays closed unless you place it on top of a cup or jug or something similar – then it opens.

How much coffee can you brew with the Clever?

Directions on the box claim that the Clever Coffee Dripper can make 10, 15, or 30 ounces of coffee. We got a crash course in brewing a lot of coffee fast with the Clever dripper at a coffee tasting/presentation we gave a few weeks ago.  We needed to brew coffee samples for a room with at least 80 people in it.  Now, we weren't brewing to fill a big latte cup or anything, as we were doing a sampling event.  However, two Clever drippers worked beautifully for this function.  

Brewing 15 or 30 ounce portions (the latter requires filling the unit twice) proved very effective, and with some refining, a person can really dial in their favorite extraction qualities with the Clever, without making a huge mess.  Brewing 10 ounces is super easy, as you don't have to think about making a mess.  15 ounces is a little trickier, but not difficult, but the amount of fluid lifted the grounds dangerously close to the rim. For 30 ounces you must fill it twice with water, making the first half of the coffee turn out too strong, the second too weak. Just be sure to mix them together in your carafe so the end result turns out exactly the way Goldilocks likes it - just right! 

Our Clever Coffee Dripper Brew Method

  • Boil water in kettle. We use the Hario Buono which is the greatest pourover kettle known to mankind.
  • Place white paper filter in Clever and fill with boiling water. Then discard water.  This removes any paper dust and minimizes the paper flavor that you will otherwise notice in your brew.
  • Weigh out 33grams of your favorite whole bean coffee
  • Grind coffee beans to a fine grind (finer than medium, coarser than espresso)
  • Set timer to 4 minutes.  We found the Frieling french press timer is perfect for the Clever as it clips right to the handle and only measures 4 minutes.
  • Pour water to the top of the paper filter.  (# 4 size)  This will roughly equate to 530ml - the manufacturer's recommendation.
  • At 1:45 on your timer, stir the coffee. We used a spoon to carefully depress the blooming grounds prior to stirring.
  • When timer goes off, set Clever on your favorite carafe and wait for the brew to thoroughly drain from the vessel.
  • Discard filter/grounds and rinse Clever.
  • Drink your fresh brewed Clever coffee and enjoy!
Filters for the Clever Coffee Dripper
Filters make a difference.  It will use a standard #4 or #6 cone shaped paper filter. (Equiv. to a Hario 03 filter).  White filters result in less of a papery taste than unbleached filters.  And don't bother trying to use a Swiss Gold filter with the Clever.  It doesn't really work too well.

The shape of the platform the Clever rests on allows you to set it on any cup, thermos or carafe with tops between 1.5" and 3.75" in diameter.

Cleaning:  Do not allow residue to build up in the filter; lightly scrub the cone with very hot water and a sponge or brush, taking care to clean shut-off mechanism lightly from the top. If necessary, use a detergent-free cleaner designed for carafes and filter cones. When we get buildup in a filter cone, we soak it in a strong espresso machine cleaner (Urnex Cafiza) and very hot water for 5 minutes, scrub with a brush and rinse with very hot water.

A couple of nice extras that are included with the Clever Coffee Dripper include a drip plate to rest it on during/after brewing and a lid to keep the brew hot during extraction.

How Much Does it Cost?

This may be the best part of all.  At we sell the Clever Coffee Dripper for $14.25


BTW, you may want to turn down the volume as the background music is a bit annoying.



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