Jamaica Blue Mountain Available for Christmas

Jamaican Blue Mountain Christmas

Jamaican Blue Mountain - Mavis Bank Coffee is Here!

With great joy, (and relief!) we just received a barrel of authentic Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee from the Mavis Bank Coffee Factory.

As you may remember from our previous invitation-only roasts, we're quite fond of this rare coffee and many customers have asked when we'd have some more.  

If your Christmas just won't be Merry without this wonderful, exotic coffee - Rejoice!  A limited quantity will be roasted and shipped on Thursday, December 9th. That way, you'll be sure to have it in time for your Christmas breakfast!

If you're new to this fine coffee, here's why it's so special (and expensive):

Jamaica has a rich coffee tradition.  Historically, the high altitude of the Blue Mountains in eastern Jamaica produced exceptional coffee…….arguably the best in the world.  However, for numerous reasons, the Blue Mountain name has been polluted by fraudulent products that don’t deserve the name.  Even casual coffee drinkers are aware of the Jamaica Blue Mountain name, thought it’s mostly applied to low-grade, overpriced blends.

Today there is one estate that produces the same quality coffee that gave Blue Mountain coffee its stellar reputation…..it’s coffee bearing the Mavis Bank Coffee Factory mark.  First of all, Mavis Bank coffee is 100% pure Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee.  Most of their plantations produce coffee that is grown at altitudes between 4000 and 5000 feet.  They harvest and process this delicate coffee at this altitude too, taking tremendous pride and care which is critical in maintaining its quality.

What is it like?

As with many fine things in life, defining the taste and character of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is subjective.  Everyone likes it, but individual observations vary wildly.  Even eating the beans results in interesting observations....One visitor from our first JBM roast commented that the roasted bean tasted like a "chocolate covered espresso bean without the chocolate, but all the flavor. "

The aroma of the roasted beans was also exceptional, and truly hard to describe!  It’s like this particular coffee possesses all the potential favorable characteristics a coffee can possess.  The aroma is amazing with hints of chocolate, citrus, berries, and flowers.

The taste?  Let’s just say, it provided a depth of flavor that was comprehensively exquisite!  Since the Blue Mountain beans take 10 months to mature, they just soak up all the flavors available in the environment around them.  All the aromas described above manifested themselves in perceptible flavors as well.  Plus, there were notes of caramel, vanilla, cinnamon, bananas, and even sugar cane, mentioned by folks that have tasted it.  Probably my favorite description was from someone who said that it possessed subtle “hints of white wedding cake….frosting and all.”

Jamaican Blue MountainWe've ordered Mavis Bank Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee to roast and package on Thursday, December 9th.  The roast style on this coffee is important because it’s a relatively delicate bean.  It will be a Full City roast to preserve the distinctive herbal notes, some interesting subtle nutty flavors and hint of tropical fruit.  This coffee is exceptionally well balanced with a good body, mild acidity and overall profile.  Its not going to beat you over the head with exotic flavors, its just a very complete, balanced and smooth coffee.

Your Chance to Get “Real” Jamaican Blue Mountain

Because of its limited supply, its reputation, and the fact that 80% – 90% of this coffee goes to Japan, it’s not cheap.  However, our price is as low as any you'll find online for authentic Mavis Bank Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee and we will be offering 1 pound bags for $40.

If you would like to order, we encourage you to do so asap.  There is a 3 bag purchase limit, but we expect this roast will sell out. 

Two Ways To Order

  1. Call our toll free order line: 1-800-576-5280 we can take any major credit card over the phone or email you an electronic invoice to pay online if you prefer.

  2. Order Online at http://blacksmithcoffee.com/products/jamaican-blue-mountain-mavis-bank

I’m not sure if we'll be able to get another barrel before Christmas, so if you’ve been interested in trying what many consider to be the very best coffee in the world, don’t miss your chance!  If we sell out fast, we might be able to get one more barrel before Christmas, but it would be foolish to promise that.  If we do (sell out) and we can (get more JBM before Christmas) we'll let you know.  

So How Do You Brew Such a Fine Coffee?

  1. Brew it strong!  This is a fabulous coffee and to experience all the flavor it possesses you really have to abide by the recommended international brewing ratio of 2 tbsp/6 oz of fresh water.

  2. If you can, brew it in a press or a vacuum brewer.  We’ve now brewed it five different ways and the quality of the brew in order was Vacuum Brewer, French Press, Pour Over Drip Brewer, Aeropress (upside down method) and Automatic Drip Brewer. This coffee really seems to blossom when it’s brewed between 200 - 205 degrees.  The top four methods where all brewed around this temperature and they were much more dynamic tasting than the Mr. Coffee method.  Of course, Mr. Coffee’s don’t brew much above 180 degrees.  Having said this, if you do brew it in a Mr. Coffee, (or any automatic drip brewer) grind the beans a little finer than you normally do.  We found that a fine grind worked best when brewing in an automatic drip brewer.  Also, if using an automatic drip brewer, 8 cups is the ideal quantity to make to ensure that your extraction time is between 4 to 5 minutes.  Especially important if using international brewing standard.

  3. Smell it.  Before you drink it, be sure to take the time to enjoy all the aromas that are produced during brewing.

  4. Enjoy the brew by drinking it slowly.

Bottom line – Jamaica Blue Mountain - Mavis Bank processed coffee is one stellar coffee!  Yes, it’s expensive, but if you would like to try a very rare, very smooth, well balanced island coffee, there’s none better!

We hope you and yours have a wonderful Holiday Season!  Thanks for drinking Blacksmith Coffee!
  • Mark the Fire Chief says...

    Thanks for your comment, Chad! We’re glad the Mörkrost is winning you over! Have a Merry Christmas and thanks for drinking Blacksmith Coffee!

    On Dec 13, 2010

  • Chad Stelly says...

    I live in Salina and found your coffee at the downtown Coffee Shop. I Love It! Just finished a press of your Swedish Morkrost – Outstanding. Thanks for doing what you do.
    I may have to give the Agtron roasted coffee from Reno a break.

    On Dec 12, 2010

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