The Easiest (and most commonly missed) Ingredient to Brew Great Coffee

Brewing Question:  Do you know what the most important requirement for brewing excellent coffee is?  

It's NOT.... 

......the brewer you use
......the water temperature of your brewer
......the grind of the beans much coffee you use
......the degree of roast of the coffee

Believe it or not, it's not even how "good" the coffee is!

It IS......

The quality of your water!  Good, clean H2O is the most important element in brewing great coffee!  If you're using unfiltered tap water it's impossible to make an awesome cup of coffee.  By unfiltered, I mean filtration AFTER the water comes out of the tap.  Unfortunately there are so many chemicals added to water to render it drinkable from the tap, that the entire mineral balance, pH, etc. aren't conducive to brewing tasty coffee.  In fact, the process can amplify flavors in coffee that either morph into something tasting rather funky, or diminish other flavors that balance out a profile.  

Bottom line:  Bad water makes bad coffee.  Good water makes good coffee!
Start with good water, and then worry about what coffee you're brewing, what brewing method you're using, grinds, ratios, etc.  WATER IS EVERYTHING when brewing a killer cup of coffee, yet it's the most commonly overlooked aspect of the brewing process.

So what if you don't have a water filter? No worries.  Just use bottled water or distilled water from the grocery store.  Or, invest in a Reverse Osmosis water filtration system.  At the very least, use a quality carbon filter water pitcher jug.  Just don't brew coffee with municipal tap water.  

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