It's Blacksmith Coffee Time in Solomon and Lincoln!

We are thrilled to announce the addition of two excellent new independent grocery store outlets that just started offering Blacksmith Coffee to the fine folks in Solomon, Kansas and Lincoln, Kansas!

Bush's Market - Solomon, KansasBush's Market in Solomon is a great little grocery store owned and operated by Ken and Anne Bush. It's a warm and inviting store that residents are surely proud of!  

In case you don't know where Solomon is, it's just off I-70 between Abilene and Salina.  They offer a full-service meat counter, lunch specials, and the kind of customer service you can never find at a big corporate chain grocery store.

Stop in and visit Bush's the next time you're driving down I-70 and you know you're getting low on Blacksmith Coffee.  You can find it right on the shelf in the coffee aisle.

Lincoln Grocery in Lincoln (Kansas) is another independent family owned and operated grocery store that now carries Blacksmith Coffee.  I had never been to Lincoln before going this Thursday, but was really glad to visit.  It's a beautiful little town far enough off the beaten path to feel like it's escaped being ruined by "progress".  Being smack in the middle of Post Rock Country adds to the charm as most of the historic buildings are constructed of this stone.
Lincoln Grocery

Besides a fantastic selection of fine foods, fresh meats, baked goods and items you hope to find in your local market, they even have a massive selection of movie rentals and their own cell phone kiosk.  Proof that a little home-town market doesn't have to play second fiddle to a big box store.  

This ties into a theory I have that seems to be proving itself out as time goes by. Certain towns - particularly county seats that are at least 35 miles away from the nearest Wal-Mart, seem to be holding their own.  

Even during this economic downturn, and even on the Great Plains. In fact, it appears that some are thriving in a way reminiscent to the prosperity experienced in the post-WWII era.  Of course, Lincoln (pop. 1300) has a ways to grow to get back to the 1700 folks that called it home back in the '50's.  I wouldn't be surprised to see them get there!

In other words, there are actually stores that sell clothing, shoes, appliances, flowers, toys, along with a beautiful movie theater, swimming pool, drug store, hardware store, toy store, etc, etc, etc, that make a town feel like it's self-sufficient.  

Lincoln has one more thing going for it, which is that it's in a very pretty, hilly setting and relatively close to two nice likes: Wilson and Waconda.  Plus, based on the way the town looks, their website and the fact that they offer a free land program for new home construction indicates that they're serious about creating a bright future.

Thanks for visiting our fine retailers everywhere and thanks for drinking Blacksmith Coffee!

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