Going and Growing - Win a Bag of Coffee

Green Acres Market - WichitaIt is with great pleasure that we announce the addition of a new retailer to our list of available markets where you can find Blacksmith Coffee!  

Green Acres Market at Bradley Fair (21st & Rock) in Wichita is our newest retailer and we know this will mean a lot to our friends and customers who already shop there.  

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Since Lindsborg is such a popular day trip destination for Wichitans, we expect this will be welcome news to those who've been hearing me assure you that, "We're hoping to have Blacksmith Coffee at Green Acres soon."

They are now carrying four whole bean varieties to go along with their awesome selection of natural foods.  

I love this store and it really reminds me of a small health food chain in Colorado that I used to go to!  For our Colorado connected customers - it's kind of like Alfalfas before the Wild Oats merger, or even a bit like the Vitamin Cottage.  

Anyway, Green Acres Market is not only a great place to buy Blacksmith Coffee, but it's a great place to buy healthy foods of all kinds for your family!


When I set up the coffee display at Green Acres Market today I discovered one bag of Swedish Skånerost that was missing a back label. Normally, I have extra labels on hand in case of this kind of occurrence, but today I didn't have any extras.  

So here's the deal.....

Be the first customer to buy the back label-less bag of Skånerost and we'll send a bag of Blacksmith Coffee for FREE.  

Here are the rules:

  • Take your camera or camera-phone with you and get a picture of yourself holding the bag (back side exposed) standing with your friendly cashier.
  • Save your receipt.
  • Go home and brew up some Skånerost, drink and enjoy! 
  • Send us the empty bag along with your purchase receipt, and your choice for your free bag of Blacksmith Coffee - and where we need to ship it to.  
  • That's it!  (Other than understanding that we'll probably put your picture up on Facebook.) 

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