Happy Coffee Day!

If you're not already a subscriber to our update list you may not know that today, September 29th, is National Coffee Day.  So, drink up and have an extra cup of coffee!

Coincidentally, or maybe not, today also happens to be a very historic day for Blacksmith Coffee Roastery as we are officially launching our brand new website today.  The website address is still the same: www.blacksmithcoffee.com, but you'll notice it's very different from our original site.  For example, we finally have all the coffees we roast available on the site! 


This has been an undertaking beyond anything we had imagined, but we hope our friends and customers really like it!  If you've been wondering if I fell off the face of the earth this summer, it's simply because we've been so preoccupied working on this.  Now that we're about done, we'll get back to writing about great coffee and artisanal brewing techniques you can enjoy at home.

Instead of listing the new features right now, I'll be regularly posting over the next few weeks and that should pretty well cover the new things on the site.  

If you check it out and find any glitches or bugs, we'd sure love to hear about them, so we can fix them!

There will be more to come in the next few weeks, but at least for now, it's officially online.


If you were waiting for the AeroPresses to come in, they just arrived via FedEx and we have plenty in stock again.  Had a wave there we seemed to sell an AeroPress to everyone who came in the door or called on the phone!  We'll get into more detail about why in the near future!  If you're one of those who was interested in purchasing one, click HERE or call 1-800-576-5280 and we'll get you squared away.  

Thanks again to all our great customers and thanks for drinking Blacksmith Coffee!

  • retta hughes says...

    haven’t had a coffee that i didn’t like yet.love some of the new ones.bravo!!!keep all the good coffee coming.

    On Sep 29, 2010

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