Announcing.....New Blacksmith Coffees

Regular readers will notice that it’s been awhile since I last wrote anything.  That’s because we’ve been frenetically working away adding some new varieties to the offering list as well as adding new stores to the growing list of fine retailers offering Blacksmith Coffee.Mellanrost-14oz

Due to the wonderful reception the Swedish Morkrost has received, and the requests of many of our customers, we felt the time was right to develop a Swedish Mellanrost blend.   Mellanrost means “medium roast” in Swedish, but its definitely not lacking in full flavor.

In fact, it may be even more complex than the Mork, yet possesses a mildness that the Morkrost lacks.  If you aren’t a fan of the Swedish Morkrost because it’s “too strong” for your palate, give Blacksmith Coffee Roastery’s Swedish Mellanrost a try.

Lindsborg’s Courtyard Bakery Reopens

In regards to the Mellanrost, I’d like to announce the reopening of the Courtyard Bakery in Lindsborg, after a change in management.  Linda reopened the bakery last week and she prepares Cinnamon Rolls, Kringler, Cookies and other tasty treats.  Our Mellanrost will be the “house” coffee at the Courtyard Bakery, so now you can enjoy a Swedish Coffee with your Swedish Pastries!

Christmas Blend is Ready for Drinkers

Finally, after much toiling and tweaking, I’m pleased to announce the 2009 Blacksmith Coffee Roastery Christmas Blend!


Its a perfect blend of fruit, spice, chocolate and earthiness, all rolled into one limited edition coffee.  Everyone who’s sampled it so far has really enjoyed the blend.   Personally, I think it tastes like Christmas and after drinking it for the first time I felt compelled to wear a Santa hat and hang up some Jingle Bells. And this was before Halloween, so it’s very Christmasy!

You may be able to find the 2009 Christmas Blend at area retailers throughout the Christmas season.  Also, we will be brewing up samples during Lindsborg’s Saturday evening Christmas events.

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