Hyllningsfest Wrap Up

It’s taken all week, but we have about recovered from the deluge of guests that descended on Lindsborg last weekend for Hyllningsfest 2009!  Though it was cold and damp, everyone was full of Swedish cheer!

We had a great time in the shop giving away samples of Blacksmith Coffee and demonstrating various brewing methods.  This picture shows just how packed it was in the shop.


I guess that’s what happens when you give away free coffee on a 30 degree day during a major festival!

We sold out of our Swedish Mörkrost, but perhaps the most rewarding part of the weekend was hearing “real” Swedes compliment the Mörkrost, and then back up their words by buying a bag or two.

Scott’s Now Carries the Full Line of Blacksmith Coffees

In conjunction with Hyllningsfest, we set up a merchandiser at Scott’s Hometown Foods, here in Lindsborg, and they now carry about everything we make.  The corrugated merchandiser display is located in the main aisle near the checkout registers.  All the premium varieties are there, in whole bean form. We reload it a few times a week, so there should always be some of your favorite Blacksmith Coffees available anytime you need them!

The following is a slideshow of the parade on Saturday and the children’s dancing on Friday.  It’s almost like being there without having to freeze your toes off.

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