Blacksmith Coffee in Barnes to Save Barns at Barn Fest '09

One of the cool things about Kansas is all the amazing barn architecture you see while driving through the countryside.  The Kansas Barn Alliance is an organization of committed individuals who work tirelessly to preserve, restore and celebrate the amazing structures that stand as a legacy to Kansas glorious agricultural history.

Well, this weekend – Friday,  September 25th and Saturday, September 26th, is like the Super Bowl to barn fanatics when the KBA hosts it’s annual Barn Fest in – you guessed it….. Barnes, Kansas!  Among the highlights of this year’s event will be sessions on barn restoration, agricultural land protection, antique tractor exhibits and barn tours – including a tour of the only known Sears round kit barn in Kansas.  It’s definitely a great event for anyone interested in historic preservation with an emphasis on agricultural structures.

So……what does this have to do with coffee?   We are honored and privileged to be providing the Kansas Barn Alliance with custom branded coffees for an endowment fundraising project that will ultimately help them fulfill their mission of helping historic barn owners statewide.  We will be in Barnes on Friday afternoon to get everyone all-in-a-frenzy about selling some awesome coffee to save the barns.

I don’t have the details yet, but ‘llI update this post after going to Barn Fest and will share how you can buy a special Barn Alliance coffee and help the cause.  The labels are really neat looking, with an old barn, some pretty "lofty"  names, and they’re affixed to some really snappy looking glossy barn red foil bags.

Hope to see you at Barn Fest ‘09!  By the way, if you don’t know where Barnes, Kansas is, it’s up north of Junction City aways. Pretty country up there for a nice event!

  • Mary Arlington says...

    :Lofty ideas" … very creative! Your coffee is so wonderful and is full of flavor, but your ideas provide entertainment. keep up the great work!

    On Sep 25, 2009

  • Mark says...

    Thanks Mary! You’re too kind!

    On Sep 25, 2009

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