Happy Midsummer's Day!

As our Lindsborg subscribers know, this weekend marks the annual Swedish Midsummer’s Day celebration. This event marks the longest day of the year, which in northern Sweden means 24 hours of sunshine. In Lindsborg it just means that a lot of happy people will be enjoying all kinds of activities in the park, including concerts, food samplings, arts, activities, and even a presentation at 1:30 on Swedish coffee roasting. (Maybe I ought to get around to writing that!)

Anyway, it’s a grand old time and our Swedish Morkrost will be served during the festivities. Saturday night at 8:00 there will be a street dance downtown and we will be giving away FREE samples out on the front porch. (At least until they play a slow song. I learned a long time ago that you dance with your wife on the slow songs!)

Also, we will be open and giving tours of the shop on Saturday afternoon on the hour starting at 1pm.

We hope to see you there!

Blacksmith Coffee Roastery featured on the Kansas Sampler Foundation Blog

It’s an honor to be recognized by the Kansas Sampler Foundation in today’s blog post. Marci and WenDee are great champions of Kansas and Kansas businesses and we enjoyed giving them the grand tour of the roastery a couple weeks ago. You can read the article for yourself at: http://kansassampler.blogspot.com

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