Creating a brand is a fun, often endless process of tweaking. Product labels are vulnerable to little adjustments here and there that the customer may never even recognize. At Blacksmith Coffee Roastery, we’ve finally narrowed down our label designs enough to know that we’re close to having “the look” that best identifies our coffee.

Provide Essential Information but Be Careful Not to Overdo It

The challenge is identifying what information is really essential to include on a label and what’s just fluff.  For example, on the Blacksmith Coffee Roastery Back Labelnew back label we’ve got a clean, simple look with pretty generic info.  Though I wanted to go into detail about the one-way degassing valve that we use on our bags, there just isn’t a lot of space for that.  Plus, does anyone really care enough to read it in tiny print while standing in the grocery aisle?  I think not.

However, it is interesting info for the coffee-geek in all of us because the coffee stays fresh for a lot longer than competitors due to the fact that we bag our coffees within a few hours after roasting.  The one-way degassing valve in our bags just helps release pressure generated by the release of CO2 after the coffee is bagged.   So now you know, even though it’s not on the label.

Names on Labels

The other issue with labels involves names.  Or, how cutesy to get with names.  For example, on Honduras Miel Cafeour Honduran coffee I decided to give it a cutesy name, but since it’s in Spanish it’s kind of been under the radar.  Honduras Miel Cafe means “Honey Coffee”, and the reason for the name, though obvious to some who’ve tasted it, is that it has a subtle honeyesque sweetness to it.

Or for a blatantly obvious “cutesy” name, whaddya think of the new decaf label?  Blacksmith Coffee Roastery DecafUnleaded is pretty much how serious coffee drinkers view decaffeinated coffee.  Funny thing is, this one doesn’t taste like a decaf, but rather a really smooth Central American.  If you haven’t had it yet, I will be delivering more to our Kansas grocers this week.

By the way, for those reading this in their email, (as subscribers to our update list),  I’m shifting over to using a new Email Newsletter application.  As a test, you will receive this post twice……once the old way and once the new one.  If you don’t get this update in the new newsletter form, please let me know.

Thanks again to all of you for your support and encouragement as we continue to build Blacksmith Coffee Roastery into a household name.  (At least in Kansas!)

  • Mark says...

    Thanks Brett! I’m glad you like the way things are looking. We appreciate your prayers and praise God for the great work you’re doing for kids at Shiloh Ranch!

    On Jun 11, 2009

  • Brett Graves says...

    Mark- The site looks great. I love the look of the labels. We continue to pray for you and your family.

    On Jun 10, 2009

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