Coffee in the Garden of Eden on Saturday - May 23rd

Actually, we might be outside the Garden of Eden if the weather cooperates………the Garden of Eden Heavenly Meats and Groceries in Little River, Kansas that is.   Little River is having some fun events in town tomorrow and what goes better with fun than coffee?

If you’re looking for something to do, come out and see the cool little grocery store Debra and David Nelson run in this quaint little hamlet in the middle of nowhere.  David cuts some killer cuts of meat that you just have to try for yourself to really appreciate.  I grilled up some of his steaks on Valentines Day for my bride, and it was a hit!  Of course, that could have been because I actually cooked for once this year!  But really, the steaks were awesome!

Anyway, if you want to come see us and try out some free coffee samples, buy some meat, see a very cool & funky small town grocery store, or just need to get out on the open road, we’ll be at 275 Main Street in Little River tomorrow (5-23-09) from about 8am to Noon.

Hope to see you there!

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