Coffee Notes - Weekly Update

First of all, thanks to all of you who came out on Saturday for our sale!  It was nice to see you again and we sold a lot of coffee. So, lets just call it a success!

This was a busy week.   I’ve spent it working on the website and working up some new roasts on the sample beans I received last Friday.  I’m close to locking in everything on the Mörkrost – Swedish for Dark Roast   It won’t be long now and you Swedish coffee drinkers will have your very own blend to get your engines started in the morning!  I haven’t decided on a name yet, but since I can’t help but think of Mork & Mindy whenever I see the word Mörkrost, I have been privately calling it the Mork & Mindy Roast.  I’ll tell you right now it’s very, very good!

By next weekend I should have a few bags for sale.  (Actually, I was just trying to think of a way to get this opening title image of Hwy 119 through Boulder Canyon onto a package of coffee.  It reminds me of driving this stretch of highway every day for over a year when we lived near Nederland.)


In case you didn’t know, this week The Old Grind began offering Blacksmith Coffees from their brewed airpots.  Thanks to Skippy and the crew for the great feedback from customers.  The Sumatra and Butternut have gone over very well from what I hear.  I encourage anyone reading this to stop by The Old Grind to get a cup of coffee and conversation!

We’re finalizing details with a few select Lindsborg merchants who will be offering Blacksmith Coffee from their store shelves.  This will be a win-win for everyone involved – especially coffee enthusiasts who arrive at the Blacksmith Shop, when I’m out delivering coffee, running errands or have the door closed while I’m roasting.  If you are a merchant in the Smoky Valley

Next Wednesday I have the honor of giving a coffee presentation to the Rotary Club when they meet at Bethany College.  If you’re near the cafeteria around 6:30, I’m sure the Rotarians wouldn’t mind seeing some new faces in the crowd!

Again, I just can’t thank you all enough for the support and encouragement you’ve generously given!  The response to the coffees has been awesome!


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