When it Rains, It Pours!

On the Dark Side

Isn’t it funny how when undesirable events occur, they usually all happen at once? A customer this week was talking about how their furnace broke down last week, right after they had a major repair on their car…..on on top of all the expenses that come at Christmastime.

Boy, how I can identify!

On Christmas Eve morning I was trying to print off some more labels for the Sumatra Lintong and kept getting an error message on my computer that there was a power surge on my USB port.  Long story short, not only did I not get the labels printed, as of yesterday afternoon, my entire operating system collapsed and I had to reinstall it.  Consequently, I’ll be finding out how good my back-up was.

I’ve used JungleDisk as an online backup, which utilizes Amazon’s servers to store your files, so I’m confident things are safe someone on their end. The trick will be retrieving everything efficiently and discovering if I configured the backup settings properly.  Lord willing, important files won’t be gone forever.

The only reason I mention this is to be a friendly reminder to you to back up your files in case something like this happens to you.

I’ve had a lot of challenges getting my computer set up with my ecommerce site and the point of sale system at the shop, so perhaps those struggles were related to whatever caused the collapse.

In addition, on Christmas Eve morning my larger roaster had a problem with one of the halogen sockets and I’m waiting on a part to arrive so I can begin roasting large batches again.  Meanwhile the little 4lb roaster has been roasting away.

I guess if you’re going to have problems, it’s better to have all at the outset, and get them out of the way!

On the Bright Side

Christmas came quickly this year, but as always, Lindsborg shined as the Kansas capital of Christmas spirit!

The feedback from the first two weeks was great!  Thanks to all of you who came in to see what’s going on!  There are great people here in Lindsborg, and the visitors from points all around the global have been astonishing!  It’s amazing to hear people say that they heard about Lindsborg somewhere in Europe or Asia.

It was fun offering blind samples of the Decaf Brazil Vaqueros Extraordinarios! This decaf is smooth, well-rounded and tastes great!  Nobody who sampled it blindly could identify it as a decaf….it’s that good!  It’s also available in a 1/2 caff version.

The Espresso blend has been created.  I’ve had some excellent feedback from a couple baristas who are friends of BCR and I’ll be packaging “Espresso Especiale” asap.

If you have an espresso machine you’ll be thrilled with the impressive crema and caramelly sweetness  of the shots you’ll be pulling.  If you don’t have an espresso machine, you’ll like the smooth flavor profile this blend produces in your brewer or press.

Here’s the plan for the week:

  1. Get the computer system restored and operating efficiently in concert with the label printer, POS system, etc.

  2. Get large roaster back online and catch-up on roasting.

  3. Continue developing “Lindsborg Mörkrost” – an exceptionally strong Swedish-styled coffee.

I will not reopen for retail business until I get the computer and roaster issues resolved, but if you need to reach me this week or need some coffee please feel free to call me on my cell: 620-712-4118.

Have a great and safe week and a very happy New Year’s – 2009!  (Boy, that sounds weird!)


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