First Week Highlights

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Wow! What a first week!  

Opening a business is always exciting, if not a bit overwhelming.  Doing it two weeks before Christmas is crazy!  But, it’s been a good kind of crazy!  

Thanks to all of you who’ve made it in to see what’s been going on.  As you’ve already seen, all the details aren’t quite in place yet.  For example, I haven’t hauled my computer down to the shop so that I can accept credit cards yet.  Also, my coffee sample system has yet to be implemented, so many of you had to try medium roasted coffee when you would have preferred a dark roast…or vice versa.  But overall, it’s been a pretty successful launch, thus far.

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The Cona vacuum brewer was a hit with everyone, even when I used the old ballpark method of measuring coffee and water.  It won’t be long and I will have a nice inventory of new and used Cona’s that anyone can afford.  Put one on your Christmas wish list for 2009.

We had a variety of customers from as close as Lindsborg and as far away as Denmark!  Lindsborg truly is an international city!

The roasting highlight of the week is the Espresso blend I’ve finally hammered down.  This one offers a nice Crema in a shot that any barista would be proud of!  It makes a nice bold drip coffee as well as I’ve tried to create a perfectly balanced blend.  It will be available in 1lb bags after January 1.

On that note, things are looking great for 2009! As previously mentioned, we will be hosting a special grand opening party soon for all of you who are on “the list”.  And if you’re reading this, you are on the list!

And finally, a while back I mentioned a special gift to all of you who are on this update list.  If you’ve been in and I knew you were on the list, you’ve already received your gift.  If not, come on down Tuesday or Wednesday to get it.  We’ll be open on Tuesday from Noonish to about 6:00 pm and on Wednesday from about 10am to 2pm.

Stay warm and dry and I’ll look forward to seeing you soon!

Thanks to all of you who made it in to purchase coffee for yourselves or as gifts!  I greatly appreciate it. Hopefully you’ve been pleased with your coffees!

May you all have a terrific Christmas and a superbly blessed 2009!


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