Finally.....Blacksmith Coffee Roastery Opened!

As promised, Blacksmith Coffee Roastery opened the doors on Friday at 2:00.  Even though everything isn’t quite ready yet – and there are many bugs left to be worked out, it was a great feeling to welcome locals and tourists this weekend!

I had three coffees available Friday and Saturday and received some great feedback from those sampling cups brewed in the Cona.[gallery]

  1. Of course, in honor of Santa Lucia festivities around town, the Dala Cowboy Blend was available.  This Medium-Dark Roast that was well received.  Mild coffee drinkers described it as “strong”, gourmet coffee drinkers thought it was “excellent” and Swedes thought it was “too mild”! :-)

  2. The Swedes who sampled the Guatemala Antigua were pleased with it’s dark roast.  It’s a substantial coffee, though several mild coffee drinkers commented that adding a little cream and sugar to it really brought out the flavor and made this “strong” coffee a pussycat.

  3. There wasn’t a lot of Sumatra Lintong available for samples because the few times I offered samples, customers bought most of my current inventory.  This is a very interesting Sumatran coffee with a flavor profile that is almost too complex to describe.  I’ll have more available to sample and purchase soon. 

Today is a day to rest and regroup and figure out what holes need to be filled.  Though we plan to have a real “Grand Opening” as soon as everything is truly ready to go, if you’re a subscriber to the update list, you will also be invited to a special private event at the shop for our close friends of the roastery.  When I get those details figured out, you’ll be the first to know!

The week ahead I will not be open to the public on Monday or Tuesday, but plan to be open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 2:00pm to 6:00pm.  I will open on Saturday, but will decide hours later in the week.

To those of you who came in this weekend, thanks! It was great to see you and place some fresh roasted coffee in your hand.  If you weren’t able to make it in, I’ll look forward to seeing you sometime soon!

Have a great week!


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