Blacksmith Coffee Roastery Opening This Week

It’s been quite an adventure getting everything ready to open, but it looks like finally – this very week, it’s going to happen!

Here’s the itinerary for this week:

  • Yesterday (Sunday): Be the background for the filming of “Au Pair, Kansas”.  In case you weren’t downtown yesterday, they filmed some scenes right in front of the shop.  Good thing I got the sign up on Saturday! :-)

  • In 5 minutes – Today (Monday): I’m heading back to the blacksmith shop to start a roasting marathon to get some sample roasts ready for wholesale appointments I have tomorrow.

  • Tomorrow (Tuesday): Work on website and ecommerce/POS back-end.

  • Wednesday: Roast some more beans, deep cleaning, decorating, computer.

  • Thursday: Everything I forgot to do on Sunday through Wednesday.


  • Saturday: Franchising, Global Expansion, Starbucks Buyout, etc. (ha ha ha ha)
We haven’t quite hammered out what our retail hours will be.  Most likely they will ebb & flow with retail traffic in Lindsborg.  Having said that, as mentioned before. One of the distinguishing features of the roastery will be free, in-town delivery.  So, in reality, the retail hours won’t affect locals very much.  
Regardless, once we open some of the uncertainties will be come clearer.  
Thanks again for all your support and encouragement!  I’m looking forward to seeing your faces when you taste some of these amazing coffees!

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