Weekly Update 11-22-08 - A Thankful Post!

Lindsborg was filled with Christmas cheer yesterday with musicians, vocalists, dancers, and artists all performing for the audiences that gathered to enjoy them!

It was a wonderful day, and I was thrilled because preparing for it meant we had to get the Blacksmith Shop cleaned up well enough for the musicians to perform inside.

As we get ready for Thanksgiving this week, I find myself being thankful for all the help I’ve received from so many as we prepare to open.  

Thanks, Dan Hiebert – for getting the ceiling and insulation removed just in the nick of time so we could quickly clean up for the festivities.

Thanks, to the Christmas music committee – Skippy, Kally, Paula, Helen and of course my wife, Nancy for cleaning up and decorating the shop Friday night and Saturday morning.

The benefit to myself and the coffee faithful in Lindsborg, is that next week we’ll be setting up the roastery!  The large roaster was shipped on Thursday and hopefully will arrive by Tuesday (11.25.08).  

I bought the 3-bay sink from Lisa at Little Darlins and Galen Rump broke away to come get it installed Thursday before the KS Dept. of Ag. came to do their inspection.  Thanks, Galen!

We received our Food Production License on Friday, and technically we’re able to open for business right now.  

The Sign Board approved our sign this week too, and I should have the sign this week thanks to Tricia, who got me a vector image in a flash for the sign shop.

I’ve had several compliments on how nice the Christmas decorations look on the outside.  Thanks to Becky Anderson and everyone else on the Christmas decorating committee, along with the volunteers who havemade “Little Sweden” look so festive!

To Chris and Donna at the Chamber, thanks for your positive feedback, not only with the roastery, but with rallying the troops in Lindsborg to create something extra special here! 

Jim Prugh, who not only has given me the opportunity to lease the blacksmith shop, but has obviously been investing significant time, money and energy restoring his Lindsborg buildings to their original grandeur for the benefit of us all!  Thanks, Jim!

And thanks to all of you who have been encouraging and supportive as we prepare to launch!  I really appreciate your enthusiasm and support!  

(Sorry if this sounds like I’m accepting a Grammy award or something!)

Thanks to all of you who have been anxiously, yet patiently waiting for your very own fresh-roasted coffee supplier to open for business.  That means thanks to you coffee guinea pigs too, whose feedback has been most helpful! We’re really, really close to opening!

Finally, thanks to my dad, Ron and the rest of my family for all their support and encouragement with getting this venture off the ground.

If I missed you, I’m sorry.  It’s not because I don’t appreciate your piece of the puzzle.  Email me to remind me that I had an obvious mental lapse and I will gladly add you to the list.  

I have much to be thankful for……..thank you all!

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