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Besides the black vs. cream & sugar issue, there are perhaps few coffee topics that stir controversy around the water cooler (or coffee pot), than the issue of flavored coffee.  Several folks have asked me about our plans for flavored coffee.  Specifically, will we be roasting and selling it?    

The simple answer is “No.”  

Coffee that is artificially flavored, regardless of whether it’s rum, vanilla, hazelnut, mocha, or pomegranate flavored (Yes, there really is such a thing!), is still artificially flavored.  Maybe I’m crazy, but I figure if God wanted coffee to taste like rum or pomegranates, He would have made it taste like rum or pomegranates to begin with.

Having said that, flavoring coffee after roasting is a perfectly acceptable, and natural way to prepare coffee!

From a purists perspective, I like the flavor freshly ground vanilla beans, cinnamon sticks and cardamon seeds add to coffee.  Also, they add a unique flavor when mixed to ground coffee prior to brewing.  

Regardless of when you add them, these ingredients – as well as cream, sugar, honey, nutmeg, maple syrup, mint and other spices have been added to coffee from prehistoric times, based on the cultural and/or taste preferences of the drinker.

At Blacksmith Coffee Roastery, we will offer some of these ancient spices in our ground coffees.  Unfortunately, there is no way to evenly distribute cardamon seeds or cinnamon sticks in a bag of whole bean coffee, so they will be offered in our ground coffees only.  

Whole bean customers will be able to add those flavorings at home and we’ll gladly provide some suggestions on the proper measurements to add for those do-it-yourselfers.

Coffee Guinea Pig Update:

If you’re on the coffee guinea pig list and are wondering where your coffee samples are this week, don’t despair!  We’re getting the blacksmith shop finished up this week and consequently I won’t be doing a lot of roasting until we’re done.  As soon as the roasters are in the shop though, I’ll get back up to speed and have some more samples for you.  

Thanks for all your great feedback though!  It’s been invaluable.

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