On Coffee Sampling

It was a lot of fun visiting all the coffee guinea pigs this week! What a variety of taste preferences we have here in Lindsborg.  

Friday’s coffee, the Honduras Fair Trade – Certified Organic Full-City+ Roast was a great example of how one coffee can strike different people in different ways.  This is a good acidy coffee that mild coffee drinkers found to be “too strong” and bold coffee drinkers fond to be “too mild”.  I felt like Goldilocks’ delivery driver!  A couple of you found it to be “just right”. 

This is what makes custom coffee roasting so much fun…..helping people discover new flavors and tastes they never knew existed!

Once we open for business, one of the highlights of visiting the roastery will be the ability for a customer to sample all the coffees to find that perfect one, or to even create their own blend.

[caption id="" align=“alignnone” width=“280” caption=“Bodum Columbia”][/caption]

I’ll use several Bodum Columbia Coffee Presses to prepare these samples so that you can do your own private cupping. This is a great way to compare coffee flavor characteristics and roast differences. Ultimately, we’ll also offer the ability to try out various brewing devices to demonstrate the effect different brewing methods has on taste.  

We’ll be installing the big 3-bay sink on Monday (11.17.08) which is the last major component necessary to get our Food Production License from the state of Kansas.  So, if you hear a lot of yelling from the back of the blacksmith shop, it’s just me having an issue with a pipe wrench or something!

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