1st Green Coffee Delivery Has Arrived

I was surprised to get a phone call this afternoon that a big truck was delivering my coffee.  After running to the blacksmith shop the delivery driver was already unloading the burlap sacks of raw coffee.  I discovered how completely out of shape I am when we carried the 150 pound bags into the shop!  

But seeing the cool stampings on the sacks reminded me of how awesome it is that coffee is a gift God gives us to take a little piece of somewhere, roast it, and brew up a great beverage! 

Anyway, it’s a humble beginning but these 7 bags are the start of something that we hope will become a cornerstone of Lindsborg’s great downtown.  

Thanks to all of you for being a part of that!

Incidentally, in case you’re wondering where these bags came from, their origins span the globe: 

  • Brazil

  • El Salvador

  • Guatamala

  • Indonesia

  • Honduras

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