Going Green Means Saving Some Green!

Blacksmith Coffee Roastery’s target market can be best be defined as being Global & Hyperlocal.  In other words, the brand should be easily accessible, identifiable and desirable on a global scale, yet feel like a homey, Cheers-like setting to Lindsborgers.  This is so important to me that I feel forming local customer relationships is the foundation for the rest of the global concept to succeed.  

Being from Colorado, I’ve seen merchants whose lifeblood depends on the tide of tourist traffic.  One bad winter (in Colorado that means a winter without enough snow!) sometimes destroys the livelihood of merchants dependent on one market segment.  That’s unfortunate, yet Lindsborg and other quaint little tourist towns in the midwest aren’t so different.  That’s why it’s critical that my friends and neighbors throughout the Smoky Valley take a feeling of ownership in Blacksmith Coffee being their coffee roastery!

One way this will be accomplished is by emulating a 100-year old business model that is environmentally friendly and kind of communal in a way – fostering regular contact with customers.  The concept of reusing packaging akin to the reusable milk bottles from dairy farms in the days gone by.  

In our case, we’ll offer a special coffee can and provide an incentive for customers to reuse them over and over again whenever they need a refill.  Specifically, we’ll offer a $1 discount for customers who choose to refill their can, as opposed to replacing it or buying bagged coffee.

Being environmentally sensitive is important and that’s part of the reason why I chose electric roasters. Using electricity as opposed to gas is only part of that philosophy.  Ultimately, I’d love to be able to roast completely off-the-grid, but that’s a long term goal.

Oh yeah, about that special coffee can…..

It will be a 1 lb can with a unique CO2 degassing valve similar to our foil-gusseted coffee bags.  In fact, I’ve never seen another roaster use this can.  The beauty of this is that customers can drop in, pick their favorite coffee (roasted fresh daily, of course!), save a buck, and take it home knowing it will remain as fresh as possible.

It ends up being a win, win, win for everyone!

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