First Roaster Has Arrived

I’m excited to announce that the first roaster has arrived this afternoon!  This is the smaller of the two roasters I’ll be using initially and it’s the primary roaster I’ll do roast-on-demand coffees in as it has a roast capacity of 4 lbs/batch, which makes it ideal for achieving precise, high-quality, small batch roasts.  

This is a small electric roaster, but it will interface with my laptop allowing me to monitor the roast profile as it progresses.  I’m actually considering saving these profiles for roast-on-demand customers in an online, password protected, customer file-folder for future reference.  

This feature will be nice if a customer says, “Do you remember when I bought that Nicaraguan/Ethiopian Sidamo blend last month?”  With this setup, I’ll be able to look back, find the purchase record (along with the blend ratios), and the exact roast profile for it.  Very cool!

I’ll test it out on Saturday at my home and let you know some preliminary test results.

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